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Version 3 manual

Combro have released three versions of the cb625 over the years so you need to decide which one yours is so you can have the right instructions. Take your chronoscope and press and hold the RST button and watch the display:
First it shows all the segments on - this is the built in test to check the LCD is working correctly - they all do this.
Then it shows all segments off - this is the moment to release the button to switch it off - they all do this too.

If now it starts to swap back and forth between two four digit numbers it is showing its serial number and you have a Version One chronoscope.

If it does not show a serial number it is a version 2 or 3. It continues and shows the pellet weight then the Gb/Eur indicator for imperial or metric units and then the legal limit. If it stops there you have a Version Two chronoscope.

If it does not stop but shows the calibration number, normally 100 and finally Snd, the serial output test, you have a Version Three chronoscope.

Click the link for the manual for your device. This will also set our virtual chronoscope to operate to that version. (If you are not seeing a two part screen with an image of a chronoscope above this text press here). Since the version three device only started to ship in December 2001 it will probably be a version two.